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Natasha Leonett

Course Description

This course will teach students the art and technique of color grading from experienced colorist Natasha Leonnet, who has worked on films such as La La Land, First Man, Mulan, Spider-Man and Baywatch.

The course will cover both the theory and hands-on practice of color grading, including topics such as color theory, psychology of color, working with other key departments, deliverables, and much more. 

Students will work on real-world projects using DaVinci Resolve and by the end of the course, they will have a strong understanding of the color grading process and the skills to start working as a colorist.

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20+ Hours of Training

This comprehensive course is designed to provide students with all the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed as a colorist.

With over 20 hours of training, the course focuses on quality and comprehensiveness, covering all the essential and more advanced topics to equip students with a thorough understanding of the field.

The course is constantly updated with new classes to keep the content fresh and up-to-date, ensuring that students are always equipped with the latest information and techniques.

This commitment to quality and relevance means that students can feel confident that they are receiving the best possible training and that they will have all the tools they need to succeed in their careers as colorists.

Monthly Group Call

The course is designed to provide an immersive and personalized learning experience for every student.

To achieve this, the course has a monthly group call with Natasha Leonett.

The purpose of the group call is to provide students with an opportunity to ask any doubts or queries they might have regarding the course content.

During the call, Natasha takes the time to listen to each student’s concerns and provides them with detailed and insightful answers.

The monthly group call is a key feature of the course and helps students stay engaged and motivated as they progress through the material. Additionally, the call provides students with an opportunity to connect with other students, creating a supportive and collaborative learning community.

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Private Group Access

Every student enrolled in our program has access to a private Facebook group, which provides a wealth of benefits to enhance their learning experience.

The group provides a platform for students to connect with their peers, share ideas and knowledge, and provide support to one another. This helps create a strong sense of community and fosters a collaborative learning environment.

Furthermore, the group is monitored by our instructor, Natasha, who will be answering any questions and provide guidance and support to students.

Additionally, the group provides access to a wealth of job listings and other career opportunities, giving students the chance to explore potential paths and find opportunities to put their skills and knowledge into practice.

The group also acts as a repository for important course materials, resources, and announcements, ensuring that all students have access to the latest information and updates.

Workbook and Studybook

Every enrolled student will receive a comprehensive package of essential materials to support their learning experience. This package will be mailed directly to the student and will include a physical copy of the study book and workbook.

The study book serves as the primary guide for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. It covers all the key concepts and theories required to fully understand the material and provides students with a solid foundation for the practical exercises that follow.

The workbook, on the other hand, is designed to focus more specifically on the practical aspects of the course. It provides students with a range of exercises and methods to put the theory they have learned into practice.

This hands-on approach helps to reinforce their understanding of the material and enhances their ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired in real-world situations.

The combination of the study book and workbook provides students with all the tools they need to engage with the course and achieve their full potential.

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Exercise Files

Every student will have the ability to download the exercise files and footage that will be utilized in the course taught by Natasha.

This will provide a comprehensive and hands-on approach to learning the materials covered. The exercise files and footage will serve as a reference tool and a guide for the students as they follow along with Natasha’s lessons.

With access to these resources, students will be able to properly replicate the techniques and concepts taught by Natasha, allowing for a more thorough understanding of the material.

The availability of these resources will also allow students to review and practice the lessons at their own pace and convenience, further enhancing their learning experience.

By providing access to the exercise files and footage, Natasha is ensuring that every student has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential in the course.

Quiz & Certificate

At the end of every module in this course, there will be a quiz to assess the understanding of the concepts covered in that specific module. This is an important part of the learning process and is designed to reinforce the concepts learned.

The quiz will cover all the topics discussed in the module and will help the students to identify any areas where they need further clarification or improvement. It is imperative that every student pass every quiz to be able to access the following module and continue their learning journey.

The quizzes are an essential part of the course and passing them is a requirement for completing the course successfully. Students must take the quizzes seriously as they are a crucial factor in determining whether they have grasped the concepts covered in each module.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate if they have passed all the quizzes and have completed all the course requirements.

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24/7 Support

Every student enrolled in our course will have access to a 24/7 support system. This support is designed to cater to the needs of all students and make sure that they receive the help they need at any given time.

The support system is a technical support, which means that if you encounter any problems while a color grading session, you can easily get in touch with our support team through the live chat feature.

Our support team is highly trained and equipped to assist you in fixing any technical issues you may have with DaVinci Resolve as fast as possible. This support system is crucial in ensuring that every student has a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.

Furthermore, this support will continue even after you have completed the course, which means that you can get in touch with our team at any time if you have any problems or concerns.

With this 24/7 support, we aim to provide the best possible learning experience to all our students and ensure that they receive the help they need whenever they need it.


What should we make sure to include in this course?

Our goal with every course we produce is to provide comprehensive and high-quality content that covers all the necessary information and tools for students to start working right away.

We understand that in order to achieve this, it is essential to include everything from A to Z in our courses, covering all the key concepts and techniques necessary for success.

That’s why we highly value the opinions of those who are interested in the course, and actively seek out feedback and suggestions on what should be included to ensure that our courses meet the needs and expectations of our students.

This approach allows us to create courses that are tailored to the specific needs of our students, ensuring that they have the best chance of success.

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